C & btr céder


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Western red cedar, Incense cedar, Port Orford cedar and. Alaska cedar. Any one the grade is generally less restricted than “C & BTR”, it is suitable where the  1x6x18 CEDAR CLEAR C&BTR S1S2E. MSRP U/M / EA Price $78.99. Core Part Number 1618CED Quantity Available 0. ETA. Store: Fleury Lumber Co., Inc. C & Btr Mixed Grain.

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Paneling-"B & BTR," "C" and "D".*. GRAIN—Normally shipped with mixed grain ( MG),  Yellow Cedar. Home / Products / Yellow Cedar. yellow cedar lumber Cost. FG, Clear, KD or AD. MG, C & BTR. VG Clear. Carving Blocks.

New to Western Red Cedar, but don’t know where to start? Watch and see why 100% naturally beautiful Real Cedar is the ideal material for decking, siding, outdoor structures and more.

C & btr céder

PRICE LIST · 2-Cedar.jpg. Boards A & BTR Finger Joint STD & BTR S1S2E (80%STK) C & BTR S4S. Pattern T&G VJT Bevel Siding  5/4X12 Fir Step C-VG. 1X6 Fir Fence T&G "C", 4X6 Fir Gutter C & BTR. 1X6 Fir Novelty Siding "C", 5/8 X 6 Fir Fence T&G "C: WESTERN RED CEDAR  We realize the inconvenience in our website defaulting to a branch that does not service you and we would like to fix that. We always want to find ways to serve  except cedar, e.g.

C & btr céder

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#2 & BTR Flooring Metric Sizes Timbers: WRC: AK (Architec Knotty) Decking - Program ‐ CK (Custom Knotty) Decking ‐ Program - Short Clears - Program - STK (Select Tight Knot) Shop Grade Siding/Panelling Single/Shake Timbers Pattern Stock Utility & Btr Shorts: Yellow Ceder: Panelling (Clear) Laminae Timbers BC Clears Pattern Stock: Others: Hemlock: Metric Sizes ACQ Clears Standard & Btr … Grades: #2 Clear & btr, #4 Clear & btr, D & btr, C & btr, B & btr, A Clear, 4 Face Clear, Clear Vertical Grain, Japanese Temple Grading. Moisture Content: Green, Kiln Dried 10-12%, custom drying upon request. Texture: Rough, S4S or to your specific pattern.

C & btr céder

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5/8" X 6  28 Sep 2017 AYC: Alaskan Yellow Cedar, generally found in exterior Glulam in Denver area. BTR: Used in grading rules to indicate that the wood is at grade and “better”. C/ L: Carload – most framing lumber is shipped via rail cars. VG. C&Btr. 8/4. Doors. Attributes.

We are a Western Red Cedar Lumber Association retail member and as a member of the WRCLA we uphold the highest grading and quality standards they stand by. A&Btr – graded and recommended for smooth face use only ; Common Sizes for Clear Bevel Siding. 1/2×4” 1/2×6” 1/2×8” 3/4×8” 3/4×10” Generally speaking, clear Western Red Cedar Bevel siding is sold “random length” from 3’ to 20’ lengths in bundles with specific piece counts. For those projects that require a painted surface, clear, vertical grain, finger-jointed, primed Bevel siding is a great money … The term pattern sidings describes a variety of siding products in which the board has been machined on the edge(s) and face(s) to produce siding with interlocking or overlapping joints and with smooth surfaced or rough sawn faces Western Red Cedar Boards 2x C & Btr S4S. 2 x 2 (Ripped) 2 x 4 2 x 6 2 x 8 2 x 10 2 x 12. Western Red Cedar Boards 2x STK Appearance Graded Resawn Face. 2 x 2 (Ripped) S1S2E 2 x 4 S1S2E 2 x 6 S1S2E.

current product. Brand: MGP: Master Garden Products: Name: 3 in. x 3 in. x 8 ft. L … 1x6 T&G Clear Western Red Cedar Siding AYE&BTR Grade - home in PA. The Craftsman Builder - Dennis Beachem, Pennsylvania.

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1X4X14'SYP #1 C & Btr: 1" X 4" X 14' #1 ("C" & BTR.) SOUTHERN PINE.

c - C & Better Clear - Pieces of this grade are of sound wood. Most pieces are entirely clear or have only a few unimportant characteristics such as: medium stained sap wood, short splits, small pitch streaks and occasional small knots. Congleton Lumber & Design Center has an extensive variety of dimensional lumber products, from stainable interior lumber such as mahogany, poplar or oak to durable exterior species including western red cedar, ipe or redwood. Our experienced sales people will carefully match your needs with the best choice in lumber. 1x4 - 1x12 C & Btr S4S (Plantation Pine) 1x4 - 1x8 D & Btr S4S 5/4 x 12 #2 and D& Btr KD SYP Bull-nosed Step (12' ONLY) 2x4 - 2x12 #2 (8'x24') Western Red Cedar C & better wood grade are high quality lumber for use where appearance is important. In addition to interior and exterior trim, C & better lumber grade is commonly used for cabinetry, doors, windows and related applications. Western Red Cedar is the largest and most abundant of all cedars in managed forests.